Giovanna Locatelli,
creativity waves.

My life was changed by the sea.
In 1984 I was travelling in a ship, exploring new routes to reach my inner self, and I suddenly found out that the change I was looking was all around me.
lt was in the unstoppable movement of the waves in the Wise hands of a sailor wrapping a rope, in the glittering sun over the surface as in its reflection into the precious little treasures underneath…

My collection

The first source of my work is listening. Listening to the story that my customers want to tell, to the images they have into their minds, to the silent suggestions that come from the objects I find during my travel or that surround me in the workshop home I live in. Then I start playing, trying to find the perfect chord between the lightness of ideas and the substance of the matters to give them birth with.
Every sign of my pencil, every colour in my palette, every turn of a rope becomes part of a symphony of emotions that giyes any piece a unique sound, that reverberates with the  beginning of the project and continues to resonate in every detail, leading the way to an elegance that charts the course instead of following the trends.


My workflow

Emotions are not always explainable with words„ not even with pictures or videos. Their essence risks to be lost in translation: you can only feel it in deep when you take some of my creations in your hands, starting to interact with their shapes, their contrast between smooth and rough surfaces.
You can feel everything in full only when you enter the workshop home where I live and create, strolling among the stories hidden in any object i have created, touching the little things I collect from all over the world to let them speak gently and slowly to my inspiration, listening to the stories that everything you meet is whispering to your soul.
I will be glad to translate them for your ears, walking by your side.

Press & Events

Fishing for compliments it’s non exactly my ordinary way of living.
I don’t like to ask the people to talk about me, or to tell how much they have liked my work, neither you’ll find me begging to be in the first page of a magazine.
But it happens, it happened a lot of times and I can’t deny that every time for me is a pleasure to feel how much the things I play with can resonate with the taste of the people that are used to talk about design.
Here I posted some of the articles that mentioned me, hoping you will enjoy them.