Deep Blue


My creations are all born from a journey that I make within myself, or in the souls of the people who commission me to work, to discover the deep blue that we hide within ourselves and that we share with the sea, my greatest source of inspiration. Sometimes, like the routes of ships, my journeys intersect perfectly with those of others, and that’s when the magic is born.

The story I want to tell you today was born during my participation in a fair, when a Japanese manager, owner of a chain of shops, made a strange comment to me: “your paintings are beautiful, but we would like to see other subjects that are not linked to nautical top: can you only express yourself like this?”

I felt provoked, and after replying with a dry but smiling “Of course not, I just do what I feel like”, I immediately started drawing the routes of my inner journey, thinking of harmonizing it with the colors of the cream and tobacco collection that I would present in my stand.
A doctor who was watching me work was fascinated by it, and said he would like to buy it for his home: “The painting of her reminds me of a trip I took with the woman who is now my wife. It was precisely during that trip that we fell in love, listening to Ivan Graziani’s music: I would buy it for her straight away, if she wanted…”

And I, who as you know have a more artistic than commercial soul, asked him point-blank: “But what is your house like? Send me a photo of your house, so I can see if the colors of this painting harmonize or if they have nothing to do with it.”

My sales representative, she shook her head thinking about how I was capable of letting sales opportunities slip through my fingers.
The doctor, however, accepted my request and from the photo I realized that the tones of his house had nothing to do with the painting I had created. I told him, and he gave me carte blanche.

I worked in shades of gray, with pure gold decorations, applying ancient nautical charts to amplify the idea of the journey and writing the words of their song by hand, I made a triptych enclosed in a precious lead frame.
The sales representative criticized my work: in her opinion it was too heavy, too expensive and the doctor had not signed any estimate.
So, instead of waiting for the client for whom I had worked with so much love and dedication, I left my home-workshop and sat in the car, crying, convinced that I had done everything wrong.
Then, gathering my courage, I introduced myself: the doctor, sitting motionless in front of the painting, was observing it with shining eyes.
“She managed to tell the birth of our love story, with emotions and words that not even we had confessed to each other, but which we had always felt deeply”.

“PROFONDO BLU – DEEP BLUE”, in fact, was the title of the work and since then I have created others inspired by this one and with this title.
I also wrote these words to accompany the guarantee of authenticity:
“Suspended between memory and expectation, past and future, reality and dream,
I slow down my heartbeat and free my imagination.
I breathe with my mind,
I feel myself, I see myself, I can listen to myself in the deep blue of silence.
Profondo Blu is esoteric, occult, secret, reserved, dark, contextually obvious, clear, evident: the projection of man in the encounter with another dimension, in the immense mystery of the sky, the sea and endless horizons.
It’s part of a journey, it’s a slice of life.
It’s a moment.
It is an internal journey, a sensorial refuge where time expands infinitely.
It is the voice of the soul that listens in silence
It is the superiority of the spirit
It is the serenity in the safe route
And look into history.
It’s where you hang out.
It is the suffering in the search for certainty…
Thank you for allowing me to sail with you.”