Fishing for compliments: my canna lamp, based on a fishing pole


Even though I have always looked at fishing with detachment, to me, who lives “on that branch of Lake Como that turns towards midday”, the concept of fishing reminds me of fishermen immersed up to their thighs in the waters of the lake, with their green boots and that air a little resigned of those who don’t know what they’ll find after those long waits in the cold.
So, when a refined Japanese businessman contacted me to create something related to this universe, my reaction was an enigmatic “why?”

The elegant Japanese businessman replied to me with extreme patience, telling me about his company, a world leader in the production of fishing equipment, and the idea he had of giving his most important customers a piece of furniture that was reminiscent of his world. .
With a big smile, he then invited me to visit his company’s Italian warehouse to be inspired by the objects I would encounter on the shelves.
I smiled back and accepted the invitation, but inside I kept wondering what on earth I could find interesting in the world of fishing.

A few days later, while I was wandering around looking in vain for inspiration among bait, reels and other such gadgets, I was interrupted by a phone call from one of my shipowner clients.
When I explained to him where I was, he overwhelmed me with the enthusiasm of a child by telling me about his passion for deep sea fishing, and he asked me if he could join me.
I asked the manager, who agreed.

I still can’t understand how my client managed to reach me so quickly, but you know, passion gives wings to your feet: walking around the warehouse with him gave the experience a whole new light, his passion gave a new and fascinating perspective to my search. While he filled his trolley, I absentmindedly took a reel in my hands and with an almost smug look he said “This could be useful to me…”

The manager rolled his eyes: to create the first prototype I had chosen a technological masterpiece made of titanium, of the highest value! I understood at that moment that the world of fishing I had been called to work on was a thousand miles away, marine obviously, from my lake fishermen.

Thinking about the company colors, in shades of burgundy, I created a double bottom plexiglass base, where the colorful baits produced by the company evoked the sensation of a beach.
The Japanese customer was so enthusiastic that he showered me with compliments and immediately asked me what else I had in mind to make for him: I made him a sketch of the Canna lamp you see in the photograph, and he immediately signed a large order.

One of these specimens is always lit in my home laboratory, to remind me how enlightenment can sometimes come even from things that at first you think you don’t love.