Giovanna Locatelli,
creativity waves.

My life was changed by the sea.
In 1984 1 was travelling in a ship, exploring new routes to reach my inner self, I suddenly found out that the change I was looking was all around me.
lt was in the unstoppable movement of the waves, in the Wise hands of a sailor wrapping a rope, in the glittering sun over the surface as in its reflection into the precious little treasures underneath…
All of these suggestions gave a swing to my creativity, grown in the years of collaboration with a genius like Elio Fiorucci from whom I learned never to lose my playful attitude.
In all these years I never stopped following the waves, taken by their strenght into the greatest international exhibitions, sailing aboard of wonderful yachts, diving into the personal stories of people and companies that asked me to translate them into something beautiful and new.
Someone called me an ambassador of the Made in Italy, but i prefer to define myself as a woman who never stops experimenting.

I believe in simple things, and I think that
real innovaion is the strenght to return to
the past to take it back. That’s why I feel a
little alchemist:
I never innovated anything. and I never
wanted to, but I like to present in a different
way something that already exists.