Interlaghi winter sails championship


And so this year too I participated in an event that I have followed with great affection for some time, the Interlaghi winter sailing championship, now in its 49th edition. Giving the regatta its traditional early winter atmosphere this year was the Tivano, the typical Como wind, which filled the sails of the 40 boats that participated in the event.

My encounter with Interlaghi, like many of the things that happen in my life, seemed written in the stars, at the conjunction between my love for the world of sailing and the affection I have for what I consider my lake.

I have been collaborating at 360 degrees for 39 years, and this year for the awards I created and hand-designed the trophies and all the prizes of the various classes, characterized by a nautical rope in which the silver of the lake waters  intertwines with the intense blue of its deepest areas.

“Interlaghi represents for me a precious treasure chest that lovingly preserves a priceless heritage of memories, affectionate bonds, vibrant emotions and indelible smiles. Each wave brings with it the intertwined stories of friends, some present only in the gentle chime of memories in my heart. It is a place that perpetuates the memory of shared moments, of great laughter  and knowing glances. In it the serene waters contain a world of emotions and connections, nourishing my spirit with gratitude for what has been and hope for what is to come.”

I deeply love everything related to water, its sinuous movement and its ability to give serenity fascinate me. I find inspiration in its constant flow, whether it is the imposing vastness of the sea  or the quiet beauty of a lake.