Incontri: nella mia casa-laboratorio con Elena, Armando Milani, Alberto Casiraghy e Massimo Salomoni


“Incontri” is a book I received as a Christmas gift,  and that I literally devoured: it tells, through images and short texts, the people known, or even just met, during his life by a great designer: Armando Milani. Intrigued by this reading, I went to listen to Armando during his presentation of the book at the “Le cose store” in Pescarenico, really a stone’s throw from me, full of fascinating design objects.

wDuring the presentation, Armando talked about his grandmother who was from Pescarenico and about Woody Allen, about his father who was a tailor and about Paul McCartney and I totally shared his idea that every encounter in life offers ideas for creativity flourish, to those with an open soul. So we exchanged contacts, and what I am proud to call a beautiful friendship began. 

Armando’s visit to my workshop home contributed to making it more solid, accompanied by another truly interesting man, Alberto Casiraghy ​​of Edizioni Pulcinoeditore, a truly particular publishing house, which prints precious little books, as Alberto calls them, in a few copies, on fine paper and rigorously composed by hand with movable type, enriched with original engravings or inserts of small works of art. 

I’m not going to tell you all the things we talked about, we charmingly said to each other that we spent hours chatting about nothing, but it was a nothing where the figures, the meetings we had during our career materialized: my Elio Fiorucci, Armando’s maestro Albe Steiner, Alberto’s friend and confidant Alda Merini… 

There were also some tears, as happens when you let your memories and emotions flow freely. And as you know, emotions are always the most solid basis on which I build my work: meetings like these nourish them, making us rediscover the beauty of wasting time on seemingly useless things, but which enrich and stimulate thoughts and creativity. 

In a time always marked by haste, treating yourself to moments like this is truly precious, for this I thank Armando and Alberto, reminding them of the promise we made to each other: to meet up soon to chat together during a train journey, no matter where.

The important things are encounters. 

So, let’s keep in touch.