Sometimes creativity knows how to call you to challenges that seem impossible, making you forget productive aspects that would rationally increase your anxiety: time, for example.

It happened to me with Saspa, a wonderful yacht just bought by a splendid lady, who wanted me to draw all the interior design of her new dream boat.

But everything: studying the logo inspired by the blue Marlin, drawing and realizing the details with the Marlin tail, 540 hand-decorated porcelains with respective engraved and worked glasses,

sheets, tablecloths, cushions, lamps, lampshades, trays, baskets and accessories of all kinds.

I was flattered and happy to have been chosen for this wonderful project, until I came to knowledge of the mandatory delivery date.

We had three months to produce, deliver and fit out the entire yacht, when normally we would have asked for six months for a job like this.

The lady had chosen me and did not intend to change her decision, she looked me in the eye with intensity and she said to me: “I’m sure you won’t disappoint me”.  And it was a challenge she wouldn’t take no for an answer.

So in the following three months we worked day and night, and part of the work was completed directly on board to allow Saspa to inaugurate the Genoa Boat Show, showing the world her amazing beauty.

They were fifteen days of real success, enthusiastic owners and many compliments from visitors: I couldn’t expect more, but a surprise was about to arrive. I was urgently called aboard Saspa, I flew very worried on the fly where they were waiting for me: they had reserved me the privilege of sounding the sirens at the end of the performance.

It is a magical and exciting moment to hear the deafening sound of the sirens and trumpets of all boats on display. The voice of those sirens who had dragged me into that adventure now seemed to celebrate the joy of success.