My first art frame


My mind travels with the waves, moves with them and accompanies the winds that caress the waters.
The inspiration that guides me comes from the smell of salt and the creation takes place by touching the grains of sand on a beach with my hand, or by moving the surface of the water looking for the treasures hidden beneath it, splendid corals or memorabilia of ancient ships.
Everything I create has a story, an identity, a soul, and somehow tries to make the dreams of those like me who live between tides and adventures.

My first Art Frame takes birth from the desire of a Skipper, a friend of mine, who after a long voyage asked me to furnish the study of his boat “My Way”. The idea excited me, and my mind began to fill the empty spaces of that studio with objects that I was already imagining, fitting perfectly with the spirit of the ship. In this world that I was creating in my mind and heart, there should also have been a specific request from Paolo, the Skipper: a beautiful Art Frame with nautical knots that would remind him of the splendid cruise, the one on which he had seen me for the first time playing enchanted with the hawsers to try to express their soul with the sinuous curves of intertwining knots.

In a short time I finished the decoration project, and I was fully satisfied, but something was still missing: I hadn’t found the picture with the knots that was so important to Paolo. Thus I began an odyssey among all the nautical shops I knew, without setting price limits, but no painting met my expectations: I could not find any that represented what I had in mind, or that could harmonize with the style of the furniture that I had made especially for the “My Way”.

Finally, I landed at Spinnaker Milano, which enjoyed an excellent reputation above all for the beauty and prestige of the creations it offered to the most sophisticated lovers of the sea. The owner listened to my requests and helped me a lot in the research by showing me various paintings of the highest level. However, no one managed to excite or surprise me: I was sure I hadn’t yet found what I had in mind for Paolo.

Disappointed and embittered by the fruitless outcome of my search, I returned all the paintings to the shop owner, who added the unpleasantness of an unexpected comment to these unpleasant sensations: according to him, I was the classic person who enters a shop wasting time to the staff because they don’t know what they want. I, on the other hand, knew it very well, only that I hadn’t found it.

I went back to Paolo to tell him about the state of mind in which all these negative feelings had put me, but he didn’t even want to listen to me and, in a peremptory tone, he said to me: “If you really know what you want, instead of wasting everyone’s time , make it yourself this painting that does not exist!”. I was amazed and replied saying that I didn’t know how to tie knots, and he answered me “Well, that’s what books exist for!”.

I didn’t want to let anyone win, I wanted and had to create that Art Frame, for myself, but above all to show my value, and the precision of the idea I had in mind. With a rope in my hands, accompanied by the strong emotions picked up by the sea, I continually made and unmade these shapes without yet finding what I was looking for.

The time that passed seemed infinite, dilated by the music that, as always, accompanied me as I tried to give the knots an expression, my own, which was not depicted in the books. Each piece had to express a true meaning, sought after among the secrets that the sea confided to me, dedicating all the attention that every single detail deserved to this research. After a year of this long ordeal, here it is finally finished: in my hands, in front of my eyes was what I had never found elsewhere, but which was inside me: it was him, my ROYAL SAVOY.

I didn’t show it to Paolo right away, I had an outstanding score to settle. Proud of my work, I immediately walked over to Spinnaker and went to the owner.
“Does he remember me?”
“How could I forget!” replied the old man.
“Here is the Art Frame I was looking for!”.
He was amazed and asked me to tell him the name of the supplier I had contacted.
“I made this Art Frame myself,” I replied.
Without wasting time, the seller rushed towards a drawer and while he was collecting some money he told me that he would have bought it at any price, but my answer left him speechless: “This Art Frame is not for sale.”

I returned to “My Way” and hung that Art Frame in the place that had been reserved for it even before conceiving the entire decor. I admired it and realized that it wasn’t just a painting, but that in this work I had managed to enclose all the emotions I had shared with the sea.