My first fashion collection

My first fashion collection: a dream of creativity, signed with the heart

It was October 7, 2006, and a new edition of the international salon in Genoa awaited me: I had the task of setting up Princess’s offices, their prestigious yachts moored in the water, and the stands on land. The atmosphere was electrifying, with the air charged with expectations and the beautiful sensation of being immersed in that world of innovation that I have always felt was mine.

Princess Italia, to inaugurate the opening of the event, had organized an exclusive gala dinner, reserved for its most important clients, at the splendid Villa Spinola Dufour in Genoa. It was a unique opportunity to showcase not only the high quality of the boats, but also the attention to detail that distinguishes this brand. I was studying the gifts for the guests and searching for an idea for the evening’s image, paying close attention to the preferences of the president, known for his understated taste, lover of elegance without excess, and not inclined to fashion shows.

Reflected in his eyes, my pencil danced between my fingers and traced lines of pure passion outlining dresses that evoked the beauty and elegance of the sea, in silk to create the movement of the waves, in blue color symbolizing depth, and silver details to recall the brightness of the stars. Each creation was designed as if it were a work of art, studied to enchant and thrill the guests, conveying the essence of the Princess brand.

My heartbeat in unison with the excitement, imagining the enchantment of that evening. As if whispered by my creativity, I assigned to each dress an evocative name and a brief description, desiring that each piece be more than just fabric and stitching, but a living work, imbued with a vibrant soul, capable of telling stories and eliciting deep emotions in those who wore or admired it.

PRINCESS – the name describes the model.

WIND – evening apron, the fabric moved by the wind takes shape.

OCEAN – the energy unleashed by the wave.

DOLPHIN – the fabric creates a play of folds, giving life to a movement that from the deep blue of the abysses with a push upwards reaches the light.

SHIPS – a dive into history.

BLUE and BLUE – The blues meet connected by a silver thread.

JEWEL – the dress presents the jewel.

I was excited about this idea, even though aware of having to overcome inevitable fears, usual doubts, and a series of obstacles. I presented to the president not the project but a nice surprise for him and for the guests, and being a surprise it had to remain secret, his only task was to trust me and read my text at the event. I handed it to him, and he read it: “Silk games simply Blue in the deep rigor of Nautical, enclose passions and history. Bodies animated by love for the sea cross this room with the precise intent of giving a breath of wind”.

After a long silence and a deep breath, I obtained approval. A moment of great satisfaction and pride, but also of responsibility, knowing that I had to ensure success. The evening was a triumph of style and sophistication, the models selected and followed with manic care wore my designs with grace and confidence, enchanting the guests and conveying to them the emotion and elegance perfectly aligned with Princess.

I can proudly say that the event exceeded all our expectations, thanks to the visionary guidance of the president, who fully understood the value and uniqueness of my ideas. He concluded the evening with words of gratitude, defining the event as “a dream of creativity guided by rationality, signed with the heart of Giovanna Locatelli”. It was not a fashion show, but an immersive experience, intangible like a breath of wind. Enchanting creatures with natural beauty, with illuminated gazes, crossed the rooms. Their barefoot walk among the tables turned into a dance to the magnetic rhythm of Enya’s music. Every movement of theirs emanated the energy of love, enveloping all present in a unique and unforgettable atmosphere”.  And so, with humility and immense gratitude, I saw my project come to life, leaving an indelible mark.

Over the years, the accessories for the dresses, the bag, and the jewelry shown in the photo have represented my distinctive signature, reflecting my personal taste and my unique style.

This is Giovanna Locatelli’s creative gift dedicated to Princess.