In the Onda Collection my favorite material, the nautical rope, has been shaped to suggest the fluidity and constant movement of sea waves, which has always been the greatest inspiration for my work.

In the creations of the Onda Collection, the nautical rope is enriched with palladium-coated finishes and takes on the colors of my palette, from Navy Blue to natural, from black to burgundy, from white to gray.

Below you can find some of the items created for this collection:

A series of round-based containers made of nautical rope, available in various colors and sizes, ranging from a diameter of 15 to a diameter of 75, with other dimensions available upon request.
Entirely washable with water and detergent, the baskets of the Onda Collection are extremely versatile and can be used as empty-pocket holders, shoe racks, beach towel holders, cream holders…
Thelma also likes to use them as her bed.

Usable as traditional flower vases, to contain fragrant potpourri, or to protect the suggestive light of candles from the wind, the vases of the Onda Collection can be customized with engravings upon request and decorated in nautical rope, removable for convenient cleaning.
You can find them in 3 standard sizes (23×23/23xh43/30xh50) or ask us for other dimensions: we are always ready to meet your every need.


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