Press & Events

I don’t like talking about myself, I let my creations to do it, but I’m always glad when someone appreciates my work. It’s a real motivation hearing how much the things I play with can meet the taste of people. Here I have posted some of the articles about me, hoping you will like them too.

Uffi Charity event
giochi di seta fashion show, Villa Spinola
S. Maria Castello
Palazzo Pitto
Palazzo Lomellino
Porsche event, Lavagna
Palazzo Imperiale, Genova
Pepe Monserrate
Salle des Etoiles Montecarlo
MYS opening party at Yacht Club de Monaco
Rina Gala Dinner
MYS opening party at Montecarlo Bay
MYS, Stand Rina
wedding on Giglio Island
MYS opening party
Monaco Yacht Show
Christmas Party, Carlo Felice Theatre
MYS, Madame Kate
Palazzo del Principe, Genova
Palazzo della Meridiana, Genova
Emanuele Luzzati Event, Carlo Felice Theatre
Cooking show per Expo
La Traviata setting
Shooting on Riva, Portofino
red bracelets
exhibition for Barche magazine
Marina Militare
Italy annual dinner
award ceremony with Dacia Maraini
Diocesano Museum, Genova