Reinventing nautical rope


I have already told you how the sea changed my life: to summarize, I was in a difficult moment, a disappointment in love to tell you all about it, and the beauty of the spirals that the nautical rope drew on the teak of the boat that hosted my thoughts It immediately won me over.

I started playing with it, moving it with my hands to discover what shapes it could take by knotting it, moving it, making it spin several times on itself…

With every movement, the material I had in my hands gave me back all the wonder of the sea and, at the same time, all the desire to start giving a completely new shape to my existence too: and that’s what I did, as soon as I returned home. .

From the knotted ropes I made my first art frame , you can read the complete story at this link, and from that a series of increasingly particular and interesting requests: a tray, and a thousand other objects.

I discovered, by trying and trying again, that the nautical ropes could be joined together invisibly: I won’t talk about the technique, of which I am very proud, and which contains little secrets that no one has yet managed to fully master. I invented a way to embellish them by coating them with silver, transforming them into something that no one had ever done before me. Finally, I discovered how to give them a soul.

Let’s be clear, the nautical rope already has a soul in the spiritual sense, it is the one they inherited from the sea for which they were born. The soul I’m talking about is something much more physical, and serves to give the top all the shapes I want, ensuring that they are maintained over time.

This research was born from the request of an American, beautiful as the sun, who had come to visit me in my laboratory house and, as happens to everyone but to Americans in an even more explosive way, he had fallen in love with it. He asked me to make him a lamp made from the rope: said, done. My hands twisted a rope that I had there on the table, and I created the shape of what would be a lamp.

But, as they say, between saying and doing there is, in fact, the sea. A sea, in this case, of attempts and research to ensure that the lamp could remain standing, that it could contain the electrical wire necessary to turn it on… In short, many technical specifications that my creative impulse had absolutely not thought of .

As always, I already see what is in my mind materialized, and only afterward do I ask myself how to realize them, but I must say that I always manage to get what I had in mind: it takes a lot of tenacity, a lot of patience and, I must admit, a few tears.

But when I see the enthusiasm for the work done in my clients’ eyes, I immediately forget everything. And I must say that that American’s eyes really lit up because of the lamp he had asked for, just like mine when I thought of the thousand other things I could have done with the new technique invented especially for him.

And I remain convinced that only those who invented a technique can fully master it: the others can only try to imitate.