Rope Princess

Rope Princess: the princess of the sea.

What you see in the photo, over the years, has become an icon, one of my signatures: it’s a collection called Rope Princess.

As always happens when something is born in my creative world, I have a story to tell.

It all began in February 1995, during one of my participations in MACEF, the Milanese fair that then represented a true reference point for the world of furnishings and Made in Italy gift items.

As you can imagine, by now you’ve learned to know me, I didn’t pay much attention to the stands around me, flattered and attentive as I was listening to the visitors who came to see me.

However, my inattention was always compensated by the attention that others showed me.

One day I received a visit from an exhibitor who, in addition to complimenting the beauty of my collections, invited me to visit his stand located nearby.

He was a nice person, elegant and polite, I welcomed the invitation with pleasure and interest.

What I found in front of me was a silvery world, with a typical Arab taste: a profusion of mirrors, photo frames, trinkets, and knick-knacks that, I must admit, made me shudder.

However, this encounter proved to be profoundly significant.

With truly surprising courtesy, the exhibitor told me technical details about the galvanization of objects, which sparked an explosion of ideas and visions in me.

It was at that moment that my imagination exploded, my eyes sparkled, and my mind took flight.

“Come visit me at my workshop in Turin,” he said.

So, in the days following the fair, I found myself in what seemed to me like an alchemist’s den. While he talked to me about electrodeposition, anodes, and cathodes, all I could think about was how much all of this resembled magic. Technically, I didn’t understand much, so I decided to simplify:

“And if we were to throw this keychain in here, what could happen?” I asked him.

“A very bold request,” he replied, “but only by trying it will we know.”

At the end of the process, my keychain had become something truly precious. I recalled the line from Shakespeare’s “The Tempest,” where it is told how everything touched by the sea turns into something rich and unique.

With uncontrollable joy, I proposed to immerse all the objects I had brought with me in that sea of silver: leaves, shells, sea urchins…

On the way home, with the enthusiasm of a child, I couldn’t wait to discover the transformation.

I had to wait a month to see my alchemist again at my home-laboratory door with a real treasure trove of objects that silver had endowed with superlative charm!

“I’m thrilled with the result,” he said, “your new collection deserves a name of its own: as a tribute to the nobility of the materials, your vision, and a princess like you, I would call it Rope Princess.”

I was too enchanted by the incredible result to immediately grasp the poetry of that name: I strongly believed in the new collection; I didn’t even inquire about the costs, my mind was projected to the next edition of MACEF.

The rope Princess collection was a true triumph: the name bounced from mouth-to-mouth among the buyers crowding my stand, it became the emblem of a collection that would captivate the public with its timeless charm.

Even MACEF dedicated a space in its renowned Arte Regalo magazine, highlighting my ideas as the most ingenious, innovative, and exclusive among the exhibitors of that edition.

No one knew, and I reveal it only to you now, that while I rejoiced in that success, my dear alchemist, the architect of this magical transformation, had passed away, forever.

I imposed on myself not to be saddened: his spirit, the marvelous creations born thanks to his commitment, and that name created with such simplicity, had settled in my heart just like that sea of silver in his magical cauldron, making his memory something indelible and precious.