first fair


My work was booming and I was satisfied with all my creations.The thing that made me most proud was that through my works I was able to reach people: not only did I make objects and sell them, but with them I also transmitted all my passion for the sea and all the emotions connected to it.

I even managed to charm the aforementioned owner of the Spinnaker shop, who didn’t stop at the purchase of my famous first painting, but elaborated a series of requests that never seemed to end: his customers recognized and appreciated in my paintings a completely unique and personal,innovative and exclusive; for this reason the objects signed by Giovanna Locatelli turned out to be their greatest desire.

So it was that by playing and experimenting, in my own way,I created splendid trays,lamps to match each piece of furniture and any object that customers wanted, making it unique just like each of them.

I composed objects in any material, such as plexiglass and wood, and this allowed me to give full rein to my creative imagination. Bordoni, my supplier, who materialized all my drawings, was always ready to indulge me, without ever understanding who I was, thinking: “Either she is crazy, or she could be really very good!”

One day his curiosity led him to visit me and to his amazement he discovered that I didn’t have a company, but I designed, created and produced completely alone in my home laboratory, spending my days playing with ideas and experimenting with materials, creating what he liked to call “Those strange things never seen before”. His company, leader in the sector, exhibited at Macef in Milan, “This name sounds like an infectious disease!” I thought jokingly, instead I discovered it was one of the first international fairs for small furnishings and Made in Italy objects.

Fascinated and intrigued by my works, Bordoni asked me to create a plexiglass line, recommending floral fabrics with sunflowers and wisteria because they were trendy and easy to sell.Before leaving, he looked at me, stared into my eyes and said: ”Feel free to do what you like most, go to the factory, choose what you feel is yours and I will make it happen; I will use your collection as a summer booster, without trying to commercialize it.”

In an infinite choice of materials and colors, I finally decided to have powder blue slabs produced with a mother-of-pearl effect, the process of which turned out to be sophisticated, complex and very expensive. Thus it was that, as if by magic, she materialized: AZZURRA, my first collection.

Choosing the color blue just when AZZURRA was the protagonist of various challenges for the conquest of the America’s Cup, even reaching the final, turned out to be one of the most successful choices I’ve ever made in my career. Once again, my instinct embraced luck allowed this victory Thank you AZZZURRA!

Satisfied with the result, I was convinced that my commitment was finished, instead I was warmly obliged to present myself at the fair: AZZURRA was too particular, unique and personal, so my presence was essential! Reluctantly I entered this world unknown to me, I glanced at the price list of AZZURRA and I reassured myself (it was unimaginable to sell objects at such high prices!).

I read the order of a customer who had visited the stand and who absolutely wanted to have me in Paris to set up his windows with pieces from my collection. The order was printed on a Christian Dior branded sheet, and I found myself genuinely amazed that such a famous fashion label would also produce commercial forms. Even Bordoni was looking at the same form, but with completely different eyes: the commission came from Christian Dior, who of all the proposals he had seen at the fair, he was only interested in my collection.

After realizing that Christian Dior was not the copy paper brand, but Dior himself, I had the honor of welcoming a number of world famous brands to my stand, such as Lady Godiva, Belgium’s largest chocolatier whose strong point is the production and sale of very elegant and sophisticated real luxury packaging, Les drugstore publics from Paris, Abercrombie & fitch from the United States, Harrods from London and many others.

It was four days of intense work. Bordoni was supposed to take care of everything, but the size of the orders collected didn’t allow it, so we decided to collaborate. We toasted success and complimenting me he said: “Remember that you are not good, you are brilliant. Now you will open your company and I will be at your side as your faithful supplier.”

At the words “open a company” a shiver went down my spine. But that’s another story, and I promise I’ll tell you about it.

P.S: the number of the order signed by Dior was 17, my lucky number. And this is another story more I will tell you…