Prince's invitation


I heard the sound of the waves crashing on the shore, I felt the scent of the sea and the sweet texture of the sand massaging my feet: my longed-for boating holiday was waiting for me! I needed a break, to take a moment for myself, I was ready to leave, but alas, if work calls, Giovanna answers! I received a phone call from an antiques’ customer, who I would define as the only one with whom I did not perceive the slightest feeling. He always treated me with a certain arrogance and most of the time he turned out to be rude, offering me without warning jobs he considered “extremely urgent”, as in this case: he asked me to immediately send all possible photos of my products, so that he could in turn show them to a customer.

I explained to him very calmly that the company was closed and that I was out of service, but nothing, he didn’t even want to listen to me. I don’t know why I did it, but I decided to start selecting the photos, creating a wonderful book written and decorated entirely by hand. Furthermore, I prepared the package and, given the urgency, I found myself forced to personally deliver it to DHL. Later my commercial phoned me and told me that he completely disapproved of my behavior, on the other hand, how can you blame her! I had just sent an expensive book without even price lists, taking charge of the courier costs, to a customer who in our opinion really didn’t deserve anything…

My behavior left me dismayed: I didn’t explain how I could have consented to such arrogance and rudeness, I felt guilty towards myself, and the thought of what I had just done haunted me throughout the holiday. Upon my return, the “famous customer of the book” called me and said: “Mrs. Locatelli, it’s very urgent: you must leave for Monte Carlo immediately!” “Here we go again, yet another absurd request and as usual without warning” I thought to myself (even if I wanted to tell him on the phone!). “Mrs. Locatelli, looking only at the first photo of her book, expressly asked to meet her to invite her as her guest at the Classic Week. And yes, the client in question is really him, the Prince: his most serene highness Albert of Monaco ”.

I was speechless and noticed that the anger that I had accumulated during my vacation unintentionally vanished in an instant, leaving room for so much joy and gratitude. The Classic Week is an event organized by the Yacht Club of Monaco and is real proof of the Principality’s unwavering attachment to the sea and its sailing maritime heritage. Created in 1994, it stands out for its originality as it brings together the last remnants of the nautical past in the same port. A week between tradition and the art of living by the sea, a week in which one enjoys strolling along the docks of the YCM Marina, alongside these period relics whose youth has been restored.

Time never seems to pass for this unique biennial in the world which brought together almost 150 boats, traditional sails, motor-yachts and vintage motorboats, to highlight our sailing maritime heritage. This appointment has retained all its authenticity, as well as the spirit of the first motorboat meetings of 1904, when the Principality gathered industrialists from all over the world to make them attend nautical trials. It was an extraordinary performance and I will be forever grateful to have had the opportunity to admire so much beauty and sophistication and to have experienced 120 years of history of the so-called “jewels of the sea” firsthand.

This magical contact led me to collaborate directly with the Prince to supply the boutiques of the yacht club in Monaco, to study appliques and much more. Moral of the story? If shortly before my departure by boat I receive a business call, this time I will certainly not hesitate to answer! It could be a Prince on the line.