Scrivere con il cuore


Among the many things I rediscovered in my archive when I started writing these short stories about myself and my work, there are many sheets full of notes, observations, all strictly handwritten.

I really enjoy writing, and I do it spontaneously to give shape to the emotions of the moment and to keep them in memory: I have always thought that the things I write are of no interest to anyone, but I have discovered that the things I share with you on my blog are quite followed, and that still surprises me.

Usually, in fact, I write when I am anxious, convinced that no one can understand me, and to release this feeling from my soul, the only possible way is to write by hand, a gesture that also physically binds the words to the feelings I experience.

I can’t write on a typewriter or computer, I don’t like it and I only do it when I have to edit: writing by hand helps me naturally follow the flow of my thoughts.

Looking back at my notes, I also noticed that I often use different calligraphies, and this also helps me experiment with techniques to use for my works.

The calligraphy of a thank-you letter, that of a light and witty greeting card, the characters of a nautical chart cannot be the same.

Once I have identified the most suitable style, when it comes to reproducing it in series, I teach it to the people who work with me, and the concert of nibs dancing on paper is an emotion that is renewed every time.